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  • It is helpful to take notes which to remind you what you have left to do.
  • Disconnect in advance all kind of equipment from the electricity and water.
  • Take all jewelry, cash and valuable documents as well as other items that you would like to transport yourself.
  • Defrost and dry the refrigerator or the freezer at least two days before the moving.
  • Disassemble the kitchen furniture, the big sections and other furniture that can be moved without being preliminary disassembled.
  • Get rid of the unnecessary items before the movement.


  • Label the cardboard boxes on all sides so that you always know their content without rotating them.
  • Mark the cardboard boxes which contain fragile items.
  • Put a layer of wrinkled paper on the bottom of the cardboard boxes to soften when they are filled with glass sets, vases and other fragile items.
  • Avoid packaging in plastic sacks and bags as well as in old cardboard boxes.
  • Pack the heavy items in small cardboard boxes and the lighter ones in bigger.
  • Seal cardboard boxes tightly with wide band typical tape.


  • Check wardrobes, drawers and shelves to be sure that you have not forget something.
  • Separate aside the most important items that you will need immediately after the moving, they will be loaded last and unloaded first.
  • Keep the closest convenient parking place where the truck/minibus can park.
  • Plan the order of loading of the items in the truck.
  • Chose the route in advance that will move.

Bringing in

  • After the luggage brings try providing a full access to the rooms where they will be left.
  • Close all windows!
  • Carefully direct the movers to the rooms and places where the items will be put and arranged.
  • Firstly you must unpack the furniture that need to be assembled and after you arrange them keep unpacking the personal belongings and the documents and the equipment.

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