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Additional services

Moving to a new home or office is a complex task that requires detailed planning and correct execution of each activity. To be most useful we offer the full range of services so that your move to be smooth and without accidents.


Packaging is an essential part of the preparation of the actual moving. The time and the techniques of the packaging that will be applied depend on entirely the nature of the load.

Our highly qualified and experienced team is always available when you need professional help in packaging of your items so that they can be protected during the moving.

For your convenience we can offer all types of package materials – cardboard boxes, plastic sacks, stretch film, scotch tape and others – at an affordable price.

  • Pack and put lables
  • Qualified and experienced team
  • We secure every detail
  • All types of package materials

Preliminary view

Performing of the preliminary view is very important because it give us an opportunity to assess the situation, to make a plan, to define the necessary working resource (the number of movers), the type of cargo transport (minibus or truck).

Also the nature of the load is specified (the size, preparation, etc.) and according to the details the final price of the moving is determined.

  • Making a plan
  • Type of the cargo transport
  • Need of special services
  • Defining of working resource
  • What is the volume of the work
  • Defining the final price

Disassembly and reassembly of the furniture

Both in the private homes and the offices there are complicated furniture configurations like kitchens, sections, desks, etc. which require special skills for assembly and disassembly.

We have the needed experience, excellent skills and set of equipment to deal with the safety assembly and reassembly of your furniture and equipment despite of the complexity of the execution.

  • Fully or partial assembly
  • All types of furniture and equipment
  • Safely disassembly and reassembly
  • Excellent skills and fastness of working

Super heavy load moving

We will provide forklifts, electric trucks, telescopic forklifts or other type of lifting equipment in moving and transporting palletized loads, heavy items, equipment or other kind of load that needs the machine lifting.

A pallet or platform cart is provided to the team of movers when moving safes and other type of items with high dead weight.

  • Moving of safes
  • Museum exhibits
  • Medical equipment
  • Machine lifting of loads

Cleaning and disposal of wastes

We will help you to get rid of all the wastes that require to be disposed professionally. Either old equipment, furniture or demolition wastes are just call us or write, and we will do the necessary.

You can order only transport service or leave everything to us to do.

  • Transportation of building materials
  • Cleaning basements and attics
  • Disposal of old appliances
  • Household waste

Pecking services. Cleaning and transportation.

Pecking services include pecking of faience/tiles/concrete/brick walls/plasterboard/old ceilings (beamed)/pecking with machines.

We have great experience and always find solutions in difficult situations related to the pecking and demolition.
We work carefully and responsibly and elaborate the task.

The service is available in fully finished form – from pecking to collection and transportation of the waste.

  • Price after the preview
  • Transportation to the dumping ground
  • Dispose building and other wastes from construction sites, apartments, basements, attics.
  • Dispose of building wastes
  • Organization of containers/transport


Professional and proper packaging of your possessions is essential.


All luggage has been carefully moved aiming to keep it unscathed and without injuries.


Once loaded the truck leaves with no delay. Unloading and carrying of the items.

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